JEI Learning Centre Browns Bay

JEI Learning Centre Browns Bay


Why JEI?

Advanced Diagnostic Test

JEl’s diagnostic system will pinpoint a student’s strengths and weaknesses. Each student will receive a 2-page analysis report which explains how the proposed study programme is prescribed for each student.

Students then study weekly workbooks and take interim tests attached to each workbook until the prescribed study programme is completely achieved.

Take this unique, sophisticated diagnostic tests at JEI BB and get precise prescriptions on study programmes tailored for individual student. 

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Comprehensive Programmed Workbooks

Along with the precise diagnostic system, JEI offers a comprehensive curriculum of programmed workbooks with a focus on conceptual understanding of Maths, English and Reading & Writing.

In each weekly workbook, new concepts or skills are introduced. Upon completion of each workbook, an Interim Test is given which helps determine the level of understanding and mastery of the new concepts or skills. Workbooks incorporate following unique features:

  • Clearly defined study objectives: All learning goals and concepts are laid out in a simple, straightforward format with detailed illustrations.

  • Small steps: Easy to follow, small steps help students build a strong understanding of the learning objectives and progress effectively.
  • Spiral structure: Building on prior knowledge is an important part of learning. JEI workbooks help students learn by building on previously taught skills with the introduction of new concepts.
  • Mastery learning: Each study objective or skill is introduced, practiced, and mastered before moving on to the next skill.

Individualised Step-by-Step Learning

JEI learning programme is self-paced with a step-by-step approach which makes learning easy for every student. Students only progress when they demonstrate proficiency in each objective of the prescribed study programme.

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