JEI Learning Centre Browns Bay

JEI Learning Centre Browns Bay



JEI Maths offers a comprehensive maths programme for preschoolers to Year 10 students with a focus on conceptual understanding.

Each level of JEI Maths programme is designed with specific study objectives and provides a step-by-step approach which makes learning easy for every student. JEI Maths curriculum covers all major domains: number concepts, operations, geometry, measurement, data analysis, and more.


JEI English provides an easy to grasp programme for Years 1 to 10. The programme progresses in small steps and makes learning engaging and effective.

Workbooks are designed to provide a strong foundation in grammar, vocabulary, and reading skills. The study programme is created for each student through an individualized schedule of selected workbooks. At the end of each weekly workbook, there is an interim test for the concepts covered to ensure understanding. JEI English curriculum covers all major domains such as readiness, phonics, reading, communication, grammar, and information.

Reading & Writing

JEI Reading & Writing is a literature-based enrichment programme that helps students strengthen reading comprehension and writing skills. The program covers all the main genres of literature.

Students in Years 3 to 9 who possess basic language arts skills and are interested in exploring various types of literature genres are encouraged to enrol on the course.

There are ten monthly units in each level. Each unit has a 4-week programme that progresses naturally with the introduction of 10 reading books - both fiction and nonfiction covering major literary genres - and encourages vocabularyreading comprehension, writing, and proofreading  skills. Every fourth week is assigned to a lesson on a specific genre or aspect of writing, which teaches students how to work within the parameters of different forms.

This unique programme helps primary and intermediate students to be fully prepared for more creative and critical essay writing at college.

Problem Solving Maths

JEI Problem Solving Maths helps students who are already advanced in maths, or who simply enjoy seeking challenges. The programme further develops critical and analytical thinking skills by exposing students to various types of complex questions.

It includes maths problems similar to those found in competitions such as International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS), Australian Maths CompetitionOtago Maths Competition, and other maths competitions. While the learning domains are the same as JEI Maths, Problem Solving Maths delves deeper into the world of maths. Here, the focus is on reasoning and inference, much-needed skills for problem solving. 

Brain Safari

JEI Brain Safari is an enrichment programme that strengthens logical and analytical skills, as well as enhances creativity and memory proficiency. These unique, fun, and engaging activities will help build critical thinking skills and creative talents to help students excel in all subjects.

Brain Safari includes six major critical thinking domains and two creative thinking domains for a complete, balanced approach to developing and enhancing overall cognitive ability.

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