JEI Learning Centre Browns Bay

JEI Learning Centre Browns Bay


JEI Learning Centre Browns Bay

Quality learning centre run by devoted tutors

JEI Learning Centre Browns Bay ("JEI BB") is the first full-fledged afterschool learning centre in New Zealand that provides all the JEI programmes for primary and secondary school students.
JEI BB is a small, community-based but quality learning centre run by devoted tutors who love teaching children.

We at JEI BB are especially proud that we successfully introduced Reading & Writing course, a literature-based enrichment programme newly developed by JEI Research Center in the States, into NZ at the time of our opening in 2011. Reading & Writing has long since been one of our most popular subjects along with the long-acclaimed Maths.

We keep all our classes in small sizes in order to ensure more individually-tailored tutoring for every student. Since our inception, we at JEI BB have been firmly committed to providing quality tutoring, by our dedicated tutors, on the most advanced learning system, at an affordable price.

Advanced self-learning system

 "A Better Life Through Better Education" is the philosophy behind JEI's internationally acclaimed self-learning system. JEI Self-Learning System enables all children to learn and reach their full potential with its unique individualized study programmes.

Children have a strong intellectual curiosity that must be nurtured with the proper guidance and care. Believing in the unlimited potential of children, JEI strives to create an educational environment where all children have the ability to become strong leaders of tomorrow by helping to develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills.

JEI's mission is to support, facilitate, and help children by providing a quality supplementary education so that all children can achieve academic success - a key to a better life.

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