JEI Learning Centre Browns Bay

JEI Learning Centre Browns Bay


9 Aug 2021

Do Linux with Kids,
Bring Old PCs Back to Life!

Contact centre manager(jeilearning.nz@gmail.com, 021 209 8776) for details.
21 May 2021
Bonnie, our beloved centre pet, has gone to heaven. RIP...
Bonnie, our beloved centre pet, has gone to heaven. RIP...
1 Oct 2019

We have relocated!

After eight years of continuous service, we have moved to the following address effective from 1 October 2019. We will continue to provide our quality service at the new centre.

                           149 Arran Rd, Browns Bay, Auckland 0630

2 Feb 2017

Coming in 2017, we have been busy preparing a free coding class for students. We recently registered our centre at Code Club Aotearoa and are looking for a volunteer to run it. We have long favoured Raspberry Pi micro computers for educational purpose and successfully secured sufficient pieces for our coding class.

Visit www.codeclub.nz for more information.

3 May 2015

Time to learn a new universal language!

What language?

Checkt at :       https://youtu.be/8JTFNhnSZ_U 

We have secured some copies for your reading, courtesy of the author. But please do not hate us. It's in Korean...

30 Apr 2015

Want to be an accountant, lawyer, geographer, architect or a chemist? Go to Auckland University. A vet? - Massey. For Art & Design, AUT is the best.

Otago Uni's dentistry course ranked amazingly 8th in the world, the first world's top 10 for a NZ school. Check the rankings of NZ's unis...

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20 Apr 2015

Be prepared for ICAS 2015. Ask centre manager for the previous test papers, or about Problem Solving Maths course.

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20 Apr 2015

RIP...Our heroes in Gallipoli Campaign 100 years ago. But we at JEI BB do not rest. We are open on Anzac Monday!

12 May 2017

We are looking for part-time tutors. If you are interested in teaching children, please contact us on 09 479 3573, or jeilearning.nz@gmail.com.

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